Welcome to my first post! Thanks for your time in checking out this sad little blog that has yet to grow. This is a travel blog/diary of my own and somewhat of a food/drinks blog which you can find more about in the About The Travels page. Firstly, travelling to different places always begins from somewhere. That somewhere for me would be Singapore. In this blog, pretty much all the trips start from Singapore as that is where I reside during semester breaks while studying in Melbourne.

The most iconic Singapore image: The Merlion (its a mythical creature. relax…)

Where you can find it…

Singapore is commonly referred to be its natives to be as the “tiny, red dot on the map” as seen as the red star on the map above. Yes, it really is quite tiny when you compare it with any other nation-state. Well,that’s where I come from. It’s pretty hot there too. All year round (we whine about it all the time, trust me).


As I was blog-browsing on the net, I came across Jack and Jill’s Travel Blog which I found to be infused with a fair bit of humour which I really appreciate when reading blogs. From their blog I was led to The Departure Board website which commented on Jack and Jill’s blog and mentioned about a picture-the-world project which I found really interesting. Give it a check if you have the time! The travel blogging community seems to be really friendly, always ready to add-on on places of interests and the myriad of beautiful locations that people travel to. In a bid to be like them, the following posts will consist of my travels as well as more of Singapore  and perhaps compare them. If you are that eager, check out Singapore Tourism Board for the official stuff…I’ll give you the not-so-official stuff in the next post!

Thanks for reading!


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