Melbourne Part 2

Hey there! Welcome back to The Travels!

As I go along blogging about the cities I’ve been to and the places in these cities that I have visited, I’ve come to realize there is simply so much to write about. At the same time, I’ve come to realize that there’s the problem of this blog being too overwhelming if I were to write everything (it’s endless!), hence, I shall try to blog more succinctly, and narrow it down to the places that I REALLY think that you should check out.

Ok enough about blog direction…I tend to bore people till no ends. So…this is a continuation from the previous post on Melbourne considering that the time I have spent exploring in Melbourne. Rest assured, I will try my best to make this post a lot more succinct than the previous one.

One other place in Melbourne that would be an enriching experience for anyone would be the suburb of Fitzroy which coincidentally next to Carlton that was mentioned in the previous post. There is a contrast between these two suburbs though they are side by side on the map. Carlton exudes an air of calmness and peacefulness that is hard to find in places surrounding major cities, whereas Fitzroy gives the feeling of freshness and liveliness that is perhaps due to the growing contemporary subculture of “hipsters” that resides there. Fitzroy, in my opinion, is really a funky, artsy and hip place to visit.

According to Visit Melbourne, which is the official tourism site of Melbourne, you can find a great mix of art galleries, studios and specialist bookshops, idiosyncratic bars on Smith Street and places that display Fitzroy’s Spanish heritage on Johnson Street. It currently is inhabited by a range of different ethnicities and socio-economic groups and is known for its culture of bohemianism as well.

On my urban adventures into Fitzroy, I came across lots of graffiti on building walls and upon some research, I found a blog that posted pictures of these graffiti designs and that celebrated the street art found there. thefitzroyflasher (don’t mistake this name for the moniker of some perv) posts pictures of the street art in Fitzroy, recognizing the effort of the artists and clearly reflecting the artsy feel of Fitzroy. Street art being everywhere in Fitzroy (though not quite what authorities would like in their municipality) shows a freedom of expression and the development of a suburban culture in Melbourne which differs greatly from that of Singapore. Singapore treats street art (almost all of it unless commissioned works) with harsh penalties such as a jail term, caning, or both. Hence, in Singapore, street art is always a contentious subject as some argue it helps the nation culturally, while others suggest that it is a mere form of vandalism. This social issue is reflected in the recent case regarding a street artist being arrested for vandalism in Singapore while on the other hand street art is seen in a better light in Melbourne (read about Banksy in Melbourne).

Street Art On Fitzroy

FOOD & BOOZE ALERT! If you’re hungry while walking around Fitzroy, check out a pub with infused Vodka shots and delicious $1 Pintxos (Tapas-like snacks) at Naked For Satan.

Naked For Satan


If not, take a trip to Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces and wander within for a wonderful contemporary art experience.

Gertude Contemporary Art Spaces

As I finish up this post, I reflect upon how social media or networked communication has changed how tourism exists on the Internet. With social media and networked communication like blogs, Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, etc., tourism on the Internet no longer exists as official sites by national tourism boards but rather as an interactive exploration of the urban, suburban and the rural. People are able to communicate to each other about where they go along with pictures and videos instantaneously over social media/networking communication, much like how I am able to not only tell you of places I’ve been (and strongly recommend) but places other people have visited and recommend (like the links to the various sites within this post). I believe that such developments in communication has allowed a more democratic process in terms of tourism information that is available to the masses. All in all, I think there is a lot of potential in social media and networked communication for tourism to tap into. 

Hope you enjoyed my post, thanks for reading, and lastly, see you next post!

Other sites to take a look at for information on Fitzroy:

Fitzroyalty – Fitzroy Hyperlocal News

Yukiba – Photo-travel Blog


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