So just 2 weeks back I headed down to Sydney for a short trip (really short…essentially just a day).

Aerial view of Sydney

Sydney…pretty much the same as Melbourne to be honest. Perhaps it is because I did not spend enough time exploring,  but the people seem similar to the folks back in Melbourne and their surroundings and environment did not differ much. However coming out of the airport and going to the domestic airport train station, it was evident on their train map that their transport system was far more complex than Melbourne’s (though the system seemed to be resemblant of one another).

Due to the lack of time spent in Sydney, I am just going to recommend a couple of places to take a gander at whilst you’re there.

Check out Central Station as it seems eerily similar to Flinders Station in Melbourne and Grand Central Station in New York. Has a nice historical feel to it.

Double Decker Trains of Sydney

Central Station

Strathfield is a suburb due west of the city center and houses a large Asian community with Koreans as the majority population. One might call it a Korean Town similar to K-Town in Los Angeles. Head down there for some authentic Korean cuisine (hotpots and barbecues)! There is also a really great restaurant/eatery called CC’s Char Grill (serves southern American fried chicken and steaks). Definitely worth going there to try a bite of it.

Awesome big plate (regular sized can you believe it!?) of wedges at CC’s Char grill

Not to forget you might meet talent scouts from Korea! Apparently SM Entertainment (the ones who are responsible for Girls’ Generation and many other pop groups) were there recently for a youth talent scouting gig. So who knows? You just might get lucky!

I was fortunate to stay at the Olympic Park just a couple of minutes drive from Strathfield as the view and surroundings were simply beautiful and serene. Definitely a must to visit the Olympic Park where the world’s greatest athletes once competed at!

Olympic Park

Olympic Station

Despite the short trip, Sydney definitely has something else to offer. To host the Olympics is an extremely difficult task for any city, and Sydney has shown itself to be capable of doing just that hosting the 2000 Olympics. My research on Sydney beforehand and the actual trip really showed me that the Internet connects people to different places without being there. Various sites and travel blogs described Sydney to be exactly how it was when I got there. It strongly reflects how we live in today’s networked world, allowing us to see more and experience more by compressing time and space. The world in which we live in is no longer just a physical world, but a digital one that helps enhance our living experiences, such that travel blogs like mine are able to show you a little bit more of a place and adding our own commentary so that your experience can be better.

Enjoy your week ahead and thanks for reading! May your journey each day take you somewhere different!


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