Travelling – A matter of time

Before you continue, check out this music video. Its titled ” Travelling” by Paper Lions.

I thought I should go through some concepts mentioned in the recent lecture regarding network time and clock time in the information society which we live in.

“Time is social.” – Network Time, Robert Hassan

It was mentioned in class, technological innovations have afforded us the ability to control time (as seen in the ability to control and manipulate light…yes, light). The example of light is a good one, showing how we have been able to control time through light, allowing us to colonize darkness but more specifically night-time as well. With the control over light (through electrical, gas or more primitive means of candles and flame), we can work well into the night, giving advantage to those who have such control and helps increase labour productivity which may in turn lead to economic benefit. Foreign Exchange traders being able to use programs to notify them of drops in currencies and to buy or sell instantly without having to do it manually, and without them having to be up every second day and night to check the rates…really handy. The old adage of “time equals money” really seems to ring a bell here.

Tying this idea of control over time through technological innovations, digital networked communication systems such as the Internet, social media sites, news sites, etc., show us the ability in communicating instantaneously to people across the globe who live in different timezones. The individual’s ability to control his or her own access to information for his or her own benefit. I think this is the bit about technology that really gives the individual a new found freedom.

According to Robert Hassan in Network Time,

The idea of network time is flexible and allows individuals to create their own time and space.

The idea of clock time is quantified by the mechanical clock which dictates time according to our physical interactions with our environment, in essence, experiential time.

The developments in technological innovations have enabled people to move away from the notion of clock time to network time, enabling people to have greater control over time to their preferences and benefits. In essence, network time is the acceleration of clock time.

Putting this into context of this blog, this blog reflects the disruption of time and the attempt by me to control time. In my view, each posts takes you to a different place that I visited in an attempt to make you experience what I experienced. That, would be my attempt in controlling time and the presentation of physical space to you. This would not be possible without digital networked systems such as blogs that allows anyone, anywhere, anytime to access the information I am communicating to on my posts.

Internet Timeline

Reflecting on the posts before, travelling around and writing them down into blog posts is me trying to claim stake to a part of cyberspace. The time this post is published places a mark of one of my physical (real) experience in the cyberspace’s timeline which is virtual (and digital). The places visited in this blog reflect such a flagmarking on the digital timeline of cyberspace: Singapore, Melbourne, San Francisco, Sydney, Korea…(more to come!). As mentioned in the “About” page, this blog really is about recording experiences of travelling onto a digital platform and communicating to others through information communication technologies available to us. This blog though more of a social tool to inform, is also a personal tool working as a log of all my experiences and reflections on travelling.

Below, is an interesting video about travelling back in time (not really, but more of visiting the past and merging it with the present) with the use of the technology of photography, reinforcing my point about time and travelling through technology.

This post really was to frame my blog in a way that reminds me of what I am really doing here and to make it understandable for the readers (you!) to see it as a traveller, adventurer, thrill-seeker, communications student, and media consumer.



One thought on “Travelling – A matter of time

  1. Hey! that’s some perspective you have there on travelling…i think the Dear Photograph vid was a cool addition.

    good stuff! hope to read more from you!

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