Foshan, China

South China Sea Temple, Foshan

This post is going to be about 佛山/Foshan, a city part of Guangdong province in China. Most people know of major cities, Beijing (PRC’s capital city and 2008 Olympics host city), Shanghai (largest city per population proper and business hub of the PRC) and Guangzhou (PRC’s third largest city). However, not many know of Guangzhou’s neighbouring city of Foshan; famous for its food, scenery, and as the birthplace of many Chinese martial arts. Some well-known martial artists from Foshan include Wong Fei Hung, Ip Man and…Bruce Lee!

Bruce Lee

A detailed history of Foshan can be found here: Foshan Travel Guide. I went to Foshan last December with family members to visit relatives and did not really know I was going to travel around Foshan due to the fact that I arrived in Guangzhou International Airport thinking that my whole holiday was going to be in Guangzhou.

First impression – Looked like it was still 1950s  or so. Nowhere as developed as Singapore or Melbourne.

Traffic – Chaotic.

Public amenities – Poorly maintained and litter was everywhere.

People – Mostly Cantonese-speaking Chinese folks.

City – Somewhat backward and laid-back.

Food – Awesome and easy to find restaurant-quality Cantonese cuisine in any sleazy roadside stall in Foshan. Affordable. Check out Fai Kee Dessert Shop famous for red bean and black glutinous rice sweet soup!

Roast Pork

Local delicacy of sea snails

Red Bean and Black Glutinous Rice Sweet Soup

Really…the authentic Cantonese food was exceptional. However, fastfood stores such as Real KungFu were popping up in competition to McDonalds, perhaps suggesting that Foshan was developing and may not be the same in a few years time. 

Real KungFu


McDonalds China

Last October, there was a tragic accident in Foshan which really questioned the altruistic quality of people.  Watch the video below for more details.

Most people probably never heard of Foshan before seeing this viral video or they would only know of it if they were martial arts film fanatics. It is interesting to note the power of the visual medium of YouTube videos (achieving a viral effect), compared to the influence of blogs. Videos seem to attract much greater audiences than blogs possibly due to the simplicity and ease of just watching a video compared to reading all about it on a blog, but by incorporating audio-visual elements into posts, blogs become a more wholesome/holistic approach to being informed about the topics.

Travel blogs condense the writer’s experiences and collate information from other secondary sources to provide you the reader with an ‘inside scoop’ of the destination of interest. Travel blogging may be of interest only to a niche crowd, however, it provides a more wholesome perspective when preparing for a trip (as there are opinions and suggestions of other travellers within the post). Mentioned in the “About” page, this post records and flagmarks my physical experience of travelling to Foshan in the cyberspace’s timeline which is virtual and digital, but also serves to inform others about the destination. Though this blog was intended to be a personal tool to log my experiences and reflections on travelling, has taken a form of a social tool to inform others through the way it is presented. Furthermore, this posts reflects the ability of blogs to discuss societal issues along with describing a physical space (Foshan).

I hope that potential visitors to Foshan can understand that the acts of some (or the failure to act) is not representative of everyone else. Foshan is a beautiful place with interesting characters along the streets and delicious Cantonese cuisine everywhere, definitely worth your while to visit the mountain ranges as well.

Thanks for the read!

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4 thoughts on “Foshan, China

  1. I was in Foshan just a couple of weeks ago! Interesting post you’ve got here. Didn’t know such a tragic thing happened in Foshan!

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